Brad Herried, Cartographer/Web Developer, Polar Geospatial Center

Cathleen Torres Parisian, Geospatial Support Specialist, Polar Geospatial Center

Cole Kelleher, User Services Support Coordinator, Polar Geospatial Center

Paul Morin, Director, Polar Geospatial Center

Claire Porter, Remote Sensing Scientist, Polar Geospatial Center

Mike CloutierGeospatial Support Specialist, Polar Geospatial Center


Commercial Imagery

  • Tasking

  • Ordering

  • Orthorectification

  • Mosaicking

  • Stereo processing

  • DEMs

  • Licencing

Polar Fundamentals

  • Placenames

  • Coastlines

  • Maps (past and present)

  • Antarctic Digital Database

  • Air photos (AHAP + TMA)

  • Data quality

  • Data sources

Web Services

  • Custom Viewers

  • Projections

  • Connecting to PGC web services

  • Integration

  • ArcGIS Online 

Polar Geospatial Center Services

  • What we do

  • What you can ask of us

Project Work

  • Two half-day sessions for project support

Visiting Speakers

2017 Daily Program

2017 PGC Boot Camp Schedule